We have launched a child specific appeal for a child called Paul (not his real name) this afternoon who is in urgent need of a long-term foster home. I would be extremely grateful if you could share his profile and details of the information events, we are having for him out to local parishes. This child may live with foster carers anywhere in Northern Ireland. 


We are looking for a two adult household who can offer Paul a long-term foster home. 


Paul is a happy, gentle and loveable 12-year-old boy. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and is of slight build. Paul has poor eyesight and is registered blind and has limited mobility.  

Paul has Down syndrome and has global developmental delay, which limits his understanding of the world around him. Paul is very happy when he is around those he is familiar with. He recognises their voices and will respond by smiling or giggling. Paul loves to cuddle up with his foster family and know that they are near him. 


Paul’s foster carers will receive: 

full training 

fee of £39,000 per annum plus fostering allowances 


Read more about Paul here:👇 


We are hosting 2 information sessions for anyone interested in caring for Paul