Proposed Theme: Remembering our beloved dead
The Joy of Love: Pope Francis
I can understand the anguish felt by those who have lost a much loved person, a spouse with whom they have shared so much. Jesus himself was deeply moved and began to weep at the death of his
friend (Lazarus). 
Ordinarily the grieving process takes a fair amount of time. The entire process is filled with questions: about the reasons why a loved one had to die, about all the things that might have been done, about
what a person experiences at the moment of death. With a sincere and patient process of prayer and interior liberation, peace returns. It consoles us to know that those who die do not completely pass
away, and faith assures us that the risen Lord will never abandon us……. Indeed, “our loved ones are not lost in the shades of nothingness, hope assures us that they are in the good strong hands
of God”.