Novena Prayer to St Patrick

O blessed St. Patrick, glorious apostle of Ireland, hear my prayer and accept, for God, the sentiments of gratitude and veneration with which my heart is filled.

Through you I have inherited that faith which is dearer than life.

Most holy father and patron of my country, despise not my weakness; remember that the cries of the little children were the sounds that rose, like a mysterious voice from heaven, and invited you to come among us.

Listen to my humble supplication: may my prayer ascend to the throne of God, with the praises and blessings which shall ever sanctify your name and your memory.

May my hope be animated by the patronage and intercession of our forefathers who now enjoy eternal bliss,and owe their salvation under God, to your courage and charity.

Obtain for me grace to love God with my whole heart, to serve him with my whole strength, and to persevere to the end.

O faithful shepherd of the Irish flock, who would have laid down a thousand lives to save one soul, take my soul and the souls of my countrymen, under your special care.

Grant that all hearts may share the blessed fruits of the Gospel you have planted and watered.

Grant that as our ancestors of old had learned, under your guidance, to unite science with virtue, we too may learn, under your patronage, to consecrate all Christian duty to the glory of God.

I commend to you my native land, which was so dear to you while on earth.

Protect it still, and direct its pastors, particularly those who teach us.

Give them the grace to walk in your footsteps, to nurture the flock with the Word of Life and the bread of salvation. Amen.

V: Pray for us O glorious Saint Patrick

R: That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen.

1 Our Father,

1 Hail Mary,

1 Glory Be


Dear Saint Patrick,

You were once a slave in Ireland for six years and your suffering made you turn to God.

You fell in love with God. Help me to fall in love with God, no matter what I have to face in life.

I offer my sufferings for the renewal of the catholic faith and renewal of the church in Ireland.

Saint Patrick pray for me, pray for my family and pray for Ireland.